Order in the Cutlery Drawers!

This may go down in history as the least interesting blog post ever, but I’ve just spent the morning clearing out the kitchen cutlery drawers and sorting things out so that they make more sense!

I’m sure we aren’t the only ones to keep things that you just don’t need and for some reason much of this ends up in the cutlery drawers. By my reckoning they consisted of:

  • 10% things we use regularly,
  • 30% things we use very occasionally,
  • 20% things we’ll never use but keep anyway,
  • 20% rubbish that went in the bin
  • 20% things I don’t even know what they are or what they are for!

Whilst sorting it out I decided that our stainless steel cutlery set was looking a little depleted and that there wasn’t really any need to have two cutlery drawers either. I therefore made the executive decision to start using our silver cutlery set for everyday use and relegate the depleted stainless steel set to a other drawer for use on picnics and for Morgan to take to school in his packed lunch. With the stainless steel cutlery consolidated into one compartment in the drawer there was more room for the other odds and ends and room for a complete 12 piece silver dinner service in the real cutlery drawer which now looks super shiny and ordered.

Shiny Cutlery Drawer

Shiny Cutlery Drawer


We still don’t know if the engraved initial on this dinner service is a ‘W’ or an ‘M’ though, nor what it stands for.

We seemed to have a complete armoury of knives that we never use. I couldn’t just throw them away though so they are still in one of the drawers. Quite a bit did go in the bin but most things that we rarely use or never use and keep anyway went back into the drawers or got put away somewhere else more appropriate. The second cutlery drawer therefore now has steak knives, paring knives that we do sometimes use, and a whole raft of other knives that we don’t use, along the old stainless steel cutlery, some tablespoons, bottle openers and medicine spoons – for some reason we had 16 medicine spoons scattered amongst the various drawers so I whittled that down to about 4!

Second Cutlery Drawer

Second Cutlery Drawer

The third drawer contains all of the odds and ends such as little kitchen gadgets that we rarely if ever use, 3D glasses, chopsticks which we only ever use if we need a tool for something pokey or sticky, batteries, clips, labels and ties that we do use and a whole jangle of keys which probably had a purpose once upon a time but their use has been forgotten long ago in the mists of memory. Better not throw them out though ‘just in case’!

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Told you it wasn’t going to be the most interesting of blog posts, but it feels good to have order (of some sort) in the kitchen and we did find some chocolate and sweets whilst clearing it out which helped provide the energy to stick at it until it was finished!


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  1. Avatar forComment Author mum says:

    Very good Al, but I bet you’ve thrown something out that Anna wanted

  2. Avatar forComment Author Jay says:

    I’m sure that order will be restores when Anna starts using cutlet from the drawer. No need of this order will make any sense to anyone else other than you.

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