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We’ve just returned from a nice little walk with the Devil’s Bridge Walkers. We’ve been meaning to join them on one of their monthly walks for a while now, but things have conspired so that we’ve been unable to do so.

We made it today though and what a day for it. Chilly, but clear blue skies and barely any wind. I went for a run in Borth first and then we drove out to the Arch at Hafod where we met everyone else. We know a few of the people who organise the walks so knew that there would be some friendly faces around, but we didn’t expect quite so many other people as well. There were about 70 of us in total all heading out for a nice easy paced and fairly short walk around the Myherin Forest.

Morgan, Anna and I did a quick geocache – the first of a three part series in the area before most people arrived. We then we had a little group photo where the kids also got to pull a giant Christmas Cracker full of sweets before we headed off en masse into the forest.

We passed close to another of the gecaches within a few hundred yards of setting off, but it was off in the wrong direction so we missed it out for now and stuck with the group. With so many people we got a little strung out through the trees and at times we could see a whole line of people snaking in front and behind us. It was never going to be a fast or long walk with so many people but everyone seemed to be enjoying the winter sunshine. Edryd who was leading the walk today had already been around the route hanging treats in some of the tress for the children so that helped keep them busy.

We actually made it around the route a little quicker than had been planned so an extra half an hour loop was tagged onto the end of the walk which was good for us as it took us past the 2nd and 3rd of the geocaches in the series so we were able to find those as well. It also took us up to a nice vantage point for some good views down the valley. All in all a nice day out. We probably should have been more sociable and talked to more people than we did, but we’re too shy for that so ended up chatting to ourselves most of the time. We did all head back to the Hafod Arms Hotel in Devil’s Bridge afterwards for some much needed cawl and a cup of tea… delicious.

Morgan had been reluctant to leave the house as usual in the morning but enjoyed himself as per usual once he was out there. Here are a few more photos from the day along with some shots of the local wildlife!

And here’s the route we took.

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  1. mum says:

    Don’t know why you three are so shy as you all have so much going for you.

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