Getting Rid of Moles

Our entire garden seems to have been taken over by burrowers. Does anyone have any good techniques for getting rid of moles?

The garden was looking a little neglected anyway as our lawn-mower is broken and I’ve had very little time to work on the garden lately, but the moles have certainly not helped. In addition to what can only be described as mole mountains rather than mole hills – some of them are at least a foot high – the entire lawn is riddled with burrows that have made it very uneven. The fact that the water table is so high here means that the moles only seem to burrow just beneath the surface and therefor leave raised patches of grass everywhere they go. It makes mowing a nightmare as the mower just gets stuck every few inches and it creates a complete mess of the lawn.

The must be a tried and tested way of getting rid of moles that actually works. Does anyone have any ideas?

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