Aberystwyth Fair 2013

Once again, the Aberystwyth Fair was in town, along with it’s slightly unusual operating days. It’s here every year on the 1st Monday after the 12th of November and the subsequent 2 Mondays after that. It also runs on the Saturdays before the second two Mondays – if that makes any sense.

We managed to miss it last year – or at least, we convinced Morgan that it had been and gone whilst we were in New Zealand, but that wasn’t quite the truth! This year we had no excuses so had to go. Morgan was certainly looking forward to it. I met Anna and Morgan at the university and we went for dinner in Ta Med before heading down the hill to the fair. It was pretty much as it always is, with lots of stalls along the road and then the fair in the usual place. It did seem a little bigger than usual though with one or two new rides.

We wandered up and down first checking everything out and looking for Morgan’s friends. We’d expected them to already be there as they were heading there straight from the university when we left them, but we must have eaten quickly as we managed to get there a long time before they did. We found them in the end though and Morgan, James, Cameron and Cameron all headed off to the ‘Fun House’. We don’t mind them going on this as it is actually the attraction that provides the best value for money because they can stay on it for quite a while. A few other friends from school joined them as well whilst the parents all stood around in the cold asking each other why we do this every year when none of the adults seem to enjoy it.

They stayed in the Fun House for ages though, leaving only enough time for a go on the dodgems and a quick prize-winning go on hook-a duck. We obviously bought some candy floss too as no trip to the fair is complete without candy floss.

Some house in Borth had their Christmas Lights up on the way back home. I think they must ‘wait’ until a calendar month before Christmas to put them up as they always seem to be the first house with them. It won’t be long now though until Christmas, and I can’t wait already!

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