Family holidays in Spain – five ways to down-shift your getaway

We have another guest post for you today, all about down-shifting a family holiday abroad with ways to save money and make the most of your resources.

When you think about a holiday, what springs to mind? Do you picture yourself rushing from one tourist attraction to another? Are you jammed onto a crowded beach? Or maybe you just imagine getting back and finding the credit card bill on the mat?

Holidays don’t have to be this way.

A holiday is meant to be a break – a chance to relax, recharge the batteries and reconnect as a family. It shouldn’t be a constant race to the next attraction or an excuse to spend over your means – where is the relaxation in that?

Spain is a very popular holiday destination with UK families, because it’s so quick and easy to get to. If you’re planning a break in Spain anytime soon, check out these tips for how to down-shift your break and come back feeling truly refreshed…

Plan ahead

One of the biggest stresses of a holiday is all of the planning involved, so keep your break simple and get the basics in place early on to avoid a last minute panic. Make sure you’ve booked flights and parking, or have transport to the airport covered. Look at booking your car hire in Spain in advance, rather than having to turn up at the airport and organise it there.

Think outside the box

Accommodation is one of the most expensive parts of any holidays, so this is where you have the most potential to save some cash. Take some time to consider all the options – camping, caravanning, working holidays and house swapping are all worth considering, depending on your family’s needs.

Schedule in free time

This mind sound obvious, but actually a lot of people go away on holiday with that feeling of having to squeeze in as much fun as possible, whatever the cost. Relax! If everyone is happy, why do you need to be the first on the beach or the last one in the museum at closing time? Instead, allow yourself time to just enjoy the break, at a pace that may be slower than you’re used to.

Keep an open mind

The most exciting and interesting things can happen to us when we are least expecting it, so keep your mind open to new opportunities. You may be on your way to a particular place, but if you see an unusual building or landmark on the horizon and fancy exploring, why not head of the beaten track and see what happens?

Keep it local

One of the most fabulous things about Spain is the food, so do make sure to immerse yourself in the local culture and cuisine. Eating out doesn’t have to be pricey – a top notch restaurant in the town centre might get great reviews, but it may actually be the small family run restaurant in a nearby village that is the most authentic and the best value for money. Be prepared for some exploring and talk to local people for recommendations.

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