Sleeping Under the Stars

We have a house full again at the moment which means lots of bed juggling to fit everyone in. Pat (Anna’s Mum) is in Morgans bedroom with the guinea pigs, My parents are in our room, Morgan is on a camp bed in the beach Room and this time, rather than ‘glamping in the garden‘ as we did last time, Anna and I are on a mattress in the conservatory.

It’s actually quite nice because the glass roof means that we are sleeping under the stars. It was cloudy when we went to be but we didn’t get much sleep because the cat was being a pain – she gets confused when we aren’t in our bed and doesn’t know where to sleep herself! This did a least mean that she woke us up several times throughout the night and we got to see that the skies had cleared leaving a lovely view of the stars. Better still was the view of a waning crescent moon and Jupiter in perfect alignment in the east sky early this morning. Both were crystal clear and with a few other bright stars in the vicinity this part of the sky looked spectacular.

Let’s hope it’s clear again tonight as we may have chance to get the telescope out. I might try to set the camera up for a quick photo of the Eastern Sky in the early hours of the morning as well… That’s done it, saying this guarantees it to be cloudy!

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