Foraging and Food at Ynyslas

With Anna’s Mum here and my parents here we feel as though we should get out and do things. Trouble is they aren’t really up to anything too strenuous and we can’t all fit in one car so we are fairly limited to local easy activities –  and of course eating lots of cakes at home.

Saturday was a quite nice weather wise. Not warm, but with sunny spells and a light breeze on the morning. I was up early and baked some lemon, lime and poppy seed cakes before anyone else had stirred. I also had breakfast ready so that everyone could have croissants, pain au chocolate, blackberry muffins and cereal when they got up. It was then teas and coffees all round before we headed off across the fields for some foraging.

Morgan and I cycled around via the beach and met the others on the other side of the fields. We then headed off to his friends house to drop off some clothes they had left here on their sleepover before meeting back up with Anna, Granny, Ninny and Grandad. The aim today was to fill several pots with blackberries and it didn’t take long to do so. The blackberries are lovely at the moment, big, ripe juicy and very sweet. We ate quite a few as we picked of course but soon had full pots and were heading back home via the estuary and dunes.

Morgan and I were cycling and chatting, the others were bringing up the rear but I think everyone enjoyed the fresh air. Once home, I picked some produce from the garden and washed the blackberries whilst everyone had a cup of tea, then Anna and I got lunch ready. That’s all we seem to do when we have visitors, it’s just a constant stream of preparing food, eating food and clearing up after food! I do like food though. The lemon lime and poppy seed cake went down well as it always does.

The female half of the party then headed off into Aberystwyth to go shopping for some clothes, I headed out on a triple brick training session (3 lots of bike 9 miles, run 1.5 miles) which meant that we were leaving Morgan and Grandad ‘Home Alone’ – probably not a wise idea.

We all arrived back at the same time, to find the house ‘booby-trapped’ from head to toe with home made spiders, maggots, skeletons and all sorts of other things. I think Morgan and Grandad had been having fun whilst we were out! Anna had bought me a cycling jacket from Lidl as well which was nice, along with some ingredients for more cakes!

It was then already time to get dinner on. Sausages, home made baked beans, roasted sweet potato and runner beans from the garden, all followed by some  bilberry cheesecake which everyone seems to love (except Morgan, but that’s why I made the lemon, lime and poppy seed cake in the morning as it is his favourite).

The evening was at least a fairly chilled affair, although we did of course have to play cards after dinner as Morgan just can’t get enough of card games these days.

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  1. mum says:

    Thanks for a lovely week end full of good food, family fun,and a few booby traps!

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