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Sleeping Under the Stars 0

Sleeping Under the Stars

We have a house full again at the moment which means lots of bed juggling to fit everyone in. Pat (Anna’s Mum) is in Morgans bedroom with the guinea pigs, My parents are in our room, Morgan is on a camp bed in the beach Room and this time, rather than ‘glamping in the garden‘...

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Planets in the Night Sky 0

Planets in the Night Sky

Amazon.co.uk Widgets I’ve always wanted to know more about the various objects we can see in the night sky. I know a few of them but I’m certainly no expert, I just have never got around to really studying the sky and learning what everything is. [Edit April 4th 2015 – I’m actually getting a...

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Early Morning Moon over Ynyslas Dunes 0

Frosty Days

We’re having a lovely winter here. Snow on the hills, frost on the dunes and some gorgeous clear moonlit nights. I should have gone for a walk in the hills for New Years Eve really as the moon was full and the snow looked lovely. It even looked quite wintry here on the coast this...

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First day of Winter

December the 1st, the first day of winter and after what turned out to be a very windy autumn, the weather is right on cue with the first frost. The winds have eased here in Wales and we had a lovely clear night last night with a nice moon. The temperature dropped to -0.7ÂșC overnight...

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