Morgan Surfing

Morgan has suddenly decided that he wants to learn to surf. I had been careful not to push him too much towards surfing, but this is of course great news. He has a wetsuit and so far I’ve been taking him out using one of my ‘proper’ surfboards but I may well have to get him a nice foam board that will suit him better and be a little safer if (when) it hits him.

So far I’ve just been taking him out a little way, lying him on the board and pushing him onto waves so that he can ride them in. he seems to love it and does try standing up from time to time. His swimming isn’t really strong enough for much else yet so he isn’t going to be able to paddle out on his own for a while but no doubt the ‘surfing’ will help his swimming and the swimming will help the surfing too.

If he carries on like this it won’t be long before he’s better than me. Laird Hamilton – watch out!!!

Here are some photos from our last surf session.

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