On the Beach at Borth

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    Lazy Days
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    On the beach
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    Sunny Borth
  • Sunny Borth
    Sunny Borth

The water has been so clear here lately during my open water swims that I just couldn’t resist taking Morgan snorkelling. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any of my old diving kit so we had to buy some cheap masks and snorkels from Sports Direct – They’ll do the job though.

However, we didn’t quite get them soon enough because we attempted a snorkel mission in Borth today and all we could see was murk. There has been very little rain here, but there has been some in the hills so I guess some sediment has washed down the rivers in the past day or two and into the sea. Coupled with some winds and therefore some windblown surf the sand has been stirred up as well so where the water was crystal clear a few days ago, now you can’t see through it at all.

Not to worry, Morgan still had a go at snorkeling and getting used to breathing through a tube with his head submerged and we had a chill on the beach in the sunshine.

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