Mud, Sweat and Soaring Temperatures

Summer continues here in West Wales with temperatures yesterday reaching a maximum of 30.3°C, the hottest so far this year but bot quite equally the hottest we have ever recorded of 33.7°C set on this day in 2006.

I started the day with an early morning run, nothing too hard just a steady 6.5 mile run out to and around the boardwalks on the Cors Fochno nature reserve. I had to go early as we had a BT engineer coming around sometime between 8am and 1pm so I had to be back and ready for him. He turend up a little later in the morning and set to work fixing our broadband. We now have broadband that comes into the house to the main test socket in the hall and then stops dead there rather than running through all of the other wiring in the house to other phone sockets. Apparently using it like that and with some jiggery pokery a to the exchange we should be OK. The speeds did jump from 0.9Mbps to 2.9Mbps as soon as he had finished, but the real test will be to see if it stays that way. I’ve just tested this morning and we are getting speeds in the 2.4Mbps range.

After doing some work and chores and sorting out the BT engineer I jumped on my bike in the sweltering heat and worked up a sweat on a hilly bike ride into Aberystwyth where I met Anna at work.

After a quick shower, once Anna had finished work we could collect Morgan and another Scout from school ready to take them out to Llain Activity Centre where we had arranged an evening of activities for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for the end of term. They were kayaking, climbing and running the assault course and all seemed to have a great time getting sweaty, wet and then very muddy!

All followed by a picnic dinner where I at far too much. We then handed out some badges to those who had earned them and a drove home. By the time we had cleared up, dropped everyone off and got home ourselves, it was quite a late night for us. – quite why I was up at 4am then I’ll never know!

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