Home Grown Sweet Potatoes

I’m not really sure what the difference between a sweet potato and a yam is, but we’ve been quite successful growing them this year. We didn’t really expect them to do that well, but they’ve been sat in pots both in the conservatory and out potato planters in the garden and have been growing away. As house plants go they are quite well behaved with nice glossy green leaves and the occasional little sweet potato flower.

Little did we know that beneath the soil, out of view to us they were busy working away producing some proper sweet potato tubers. I was quite surprised really when I dug up the ones in the garden and found some edible tubers there. I soon tasted them of course and they were actually really tasty. The flesh wasn’t the orange of sweet potatos that you buy in the supermarket, but instead had a white flesh. The tatse wasn’t quite so sweet either but it had a nice chestnut flavour that was just delicious.

We have a number of plants still to harvest. I’ve just taken one out of a small pot that we had in the conservatory and this one is a little larger and looks to have slightly more colour to it than the ones in the garden. I’m looking forward to eating it later along with some pork and sweet chilli sausages.

Yam / Sweet Potato

Yam / Sweet Potato

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