Extreme Garden Destruction

The aftermath

The aftermath

I’ve just found this article in my ‘Drafts’ folder that never quite got published for some reason. It was written in November 2008 and at the time I was fretting over the garden and the amount of work that would be involved to restore it. So, I thought I’d add it today, along with a few photos of the garden now, just to show that it all came good in the end.

You’ve seen my articles here on extreme gardening, but how’s this for some extreme garden destruction!

My poor lawn!

Hopefully all will be restored to normality soon and I can start replanting, but it may take a while for the grass to recover fully. At least once all the work is done I’ll be able to start work properly on the garden in the hope that it won’t need digging up again.


And here’s the garden now, nearly 4 years later from similar vantage points on a similarly grey day.


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  1. mum says:

    certainly all came right in the end! but a lot of hard work ,well done

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