Getting better at running

I used to be OK at running. I was never good and when I say ‘used to’ I mean about 20 years ago, but as part of my new fitness drive I’ve been trying to get out for the odd run here and there.

I don’t like to do too much as my joints, tendons and ligaments don’t really like it so at the moment once a week is enough as long as I manage to get out on my bike a few times as well. I’ve just got back from an enjoyable run around what is becoming my standard route. From home I run across to the beach and then down along the golf course for a bit. I cross the road, golf course and railway line near the bird hide, then run to the banks of the Leri, turn left and follow the Leri up to the railway bridge. From there it’s back across the level crossing and down past the boat yard and onto the sands of Ynyslas estuary where I run around to the main entrance and back along the road to home.

I was pretty pleased with my previous best time of 35:34 set on August 4th this year, and commented on how, despite not running much, I’d been gradually improving my times. Today’s time was another 40 seconds faster at 34:54. Still not quick enough, but not too bad, and I did do todays run immediately following a relatively easy hour on the turbo trainer. That may sound like madness, but past experience has shown me that I’m actually faster at running if I’ve been cycling for an hour beforehand!

It’s going to start getting hard to beat that time for me now, although I should be able to. But what I might try to do now is find a slightly different route that extends the distance to 10k so that I can start gauging my speed over a more sensible distance.

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Alan Cole

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