Weird GPS route from Garmin Forerunner 910XT

My new Garmin Forerunner 910XT has been working really well. I’ve used it on a few runs, the odd bike ride and a few times in the pool and it’s been spot on with the routes it has shown and has managed to count every single length in the pool.

That was until Friday when I went for a bike ride to Aberdovey and back in gorgeous weather with Jon. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, barely any wind and West Wales was looking spectacular. The sea was calm, the estuary was even calmer with sailing boats dotted around it and the mountains looked glorious, bathed in Spring sunshine.

Jon rode from Aberystwyth to our house, we sat in the garden and had a coffee and then headed off along the main road to Machynlleth, and onto Aberdovey where we stopped for lunch. Jon had Chilli and Chips while I went for American style pancakes with bacon and syrup, then after a couple of coffee’s we headed back along exactly the same route as we had taken to get there.

My Forerunner 910XT was having none of it though. For some reason it thinks I started my route in the sea off Sarn Cynfelyn, about 6 miles south of here. It then had me going cross country on some completely random route to Derwenlas where it finally decided to actually map the route that we took. Just as odd was the elevation trace which had a few random ups and down to start with, followed by one long descent to about 1600ft below sea level where it then stayed for the rest of the route.

Needless to say it didn’t quite get it right on this occasion. I hope it isn’t something wrong with the device. I did post about it on Facebook and Tristan from where I bought it was immediately on the case offering support, so if there is something wrong with it it will get exchanged. I’m about to go for a run so will be testing it out again today. Lets hope it was just a glitch and it’s all OK now.

Here’s the random route that it ‘thinks’ I took on Friday.

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