Windsurfing – The Pleasure and the Pain!

Another great day here in paradise. It started with a run with the triathlon club. We went from Machynlleth out to Pantperthog, up a beast of hill and then I left the others to get on with it before heading back to Mach for a swim. This was of course followed by a bacon sandwich and a coffee.

We then had a family outing to Aberystwyth where we checked the location of a new apiary that we’re going to set up for our bees before heading off to the shops. It had been blowing a gale in Borth when we left, but wasn’t windy anywhere else, so I soon forgot about the fact that I was missing out on a windsurf session, but once back in Borth the sea was covered in white-caps and the wind was at 30 knots.

I couldn’t resist getting out on the water for a quick windsurf. I’m glad I did as it was lovely out there. The wind was steady at around 30 knots, NNW. The sea was super choppy with 3 foot surf, leading to some big head high waves out the back, perfect for launching into some huge jumps. I even had one really good back loop attempt, but as usual didn’t land it. Just blasting over the ridiculously choppy water in the sunshine woud have been fine without the waves though as it was pretty challenging out there. There was no one else around, just me and the wind.

I sailed for about an hour and then came in to pack up, it was then that the pleasure changed to pure, unadultered pain. I got halfway into my coat when it became too much. The agony in my hands from the cold was just too much to bear and I ended up in the feotal position on the beach gibbering to myself just trying to cope with the pain! It may sound silly but when your fingers freeze and it suddenly hits, there’s nothing you can do, the pain is over-bearing. It did subside after a while and I packed up and headed home, but they still feel a little weird now!

Serves me right for not wearing gloves whilst windsurfing really.

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  1. Nia says:

    Lleucu and me walked up the old path from Llandre to Borth yesterday afternoon and we stopped for a bit at the highest point to look out over Borth and Ynyslas. The wind was vicious but I guessed correctly that you probably couldn’t have resisted being out there on the waves!

  2. mum says:

    Learn by your mistakes and wear gloves next time or accept that you are getting old—-er x

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