Big Wheel, Plymouth

Whilst in Plymouth, Morgan and I had a ‘ride’ on a London Eye style big wheel perched atop the Hoe.

Plymouth Big Wheel

Plymouth Big Wheel

The wheel was almost 60 metres in height, twice as high as Smeatons tower so provided some amazing views down onto the Hoe and out across both Plymouth Sound and the city of Plymouth. It was well worth doing, despite costing £12.50 and the fact that they tried to get us to buy a photo pack afterwards for a further £20… We took our own photos instead.

Anna didn’t join us as it looked too high for her, and she was probably right as it was indeed pretty high. You can just see her in the bottom of the photo of the Hoe though! We had half a revolution, so that we stopped at the top for a few minutes and then we had a further 3 and half complete revolutions giving us chance to see everything again. It wasn’t the cheapest 10 minutes of our lives but it was worth doing for a unique view of Plymouth and its surroundings.

We had a perfect day for it too with clear skies and plenty to see.

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