Exercise – It’s not good for you!

I’m supposed to be competing in a 1km swim in Lake Bala on Saturday. A few fellow members of the INTR Tri club are coming along too as are some people from swimfit. The swim is organised byt he British Long Distance Swimming Association.

I say ‘supposed’ to be doing it because I managed to injure myself whilst running along the coast path yesterday. The path was covered in brash from recent bracken trimming so I couldn’t really see where I was putting my feet. The path is uneven at the best of times and I managed to twist my ankle pretty badly and fell over. Thankfully I fell away from the cliff rather than towards it but my ankle was in agony. I knelt there for a bit trying to fight off the pain and eventually managed to get to my feet and gently jog back to the car.

It didn’t feel too bad by the time I got home but gradually got worse as the evening wore on. I sat there with the leg elevated and an ice pack on my ankle but the swelling was increasing and it didn’t look as though it was going to heal particularly quickly. I only hope it feels better by Saturday as I’m not sure if I can swim with it at the moment.

I don’t think anything is broken but I’m sure there are a few torn ligaments and such like so it may be awhile before I’m out running again. Who says all this exercise is good for you?

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    Well, I went to A&E yesterday and luckily nothing is broken but they suspect a couple of tron ligament sin my ankle and have given me a set of crutches and instructions to rest it completely for a 10 days to 2 weeks and also gave me a leaflet on sprains and ankle / foot injuries.

    The also leaflet says no sporting activities in it for 6-8 weeks… We’ll have to see about that as I already feel as though I’m getting fat and unfit and its only been 2 days!

    Besides, I’m off to work painting and decorating for someone today, if I can do that all day long surely an hour of exercise now and then will be OK.


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