Beehive repairs

We haven’t got our bees yet, but already our hives have needed some repairs.

We don’t know why but the plywood used for certain parts of them has started delaminating. It was external grade ply, but just wasn’t quite up to the job. Not to worry though, we bought some wood clamps and some glue and have been making repairs over the weekend. In a way, it’s a good job it happened so soon as making these repairs whilst the bees were in the hives would have been pretty difficult to do.

There’s been no news of when the bees will be arriving, but we’ve noticed that there seems to be loads of blossom about on the trees this year. Maybe we’re just more aware of it than usual, but it does seem to be an exceptional Spring as far as blossom goes to me. There seems to be trees covered in it all over the place, with some glorious cherry trees in gardens, and blackthorn out in all of the hedge. Forsythia’s have been putting on a good show too. This has to be good news for the bees, so you just never know, they may be ready a little earlier than expected.

Be Hive Reapirs

Bee Hive Reapirs

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