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Corkwing Wrasse 0

The Fish of Borth Reef

Just a few stills from yesterday’s snorkelling session on the Borth Reef. Plenty of fish out there which is good. The Fish of Borth Reef

Adder ready to Strike 1

Snakes at Ynyslas

There’s almost always something interesting on my morning walk around the dunes. This morning it was the remnants of sand castles on the beach, the super-flat calm waters of the sea and an Adder. There are plenty of snakes in the dunes at Ynyslas, this one was out basking in the early morning sunshine.

Whale Removal 4

Ynyslas Beach Whale Removal

The beached Whale at Ynyslas has been removed today. I just so happened to notice a digger go past the house whilst I was vacuuming the living room and thought to myself that it was probably going to the estuary for a spot of whale removal. So, after my chores and an hour of easy...

Goldfinch 2


Nice to see that my lack of work on the garden lately has it’s benefits. Goldfinches feasting on leftover seed heads.

Counting Butterflies 1

Big Butterfly Count

Morgan and I have just taken part in the Big Butterfly Count. It was a gorgeous day for it, 20ºC and sunny with butterflies and other flying bugs all over the place. It was hard to keep up with them all, but we counted 16 Meadow Browns, 3 Small Tortoisehsell’s and a Small White. It was easy to...

Bumble Bee in Foxglove 0

More Bees Please

The Bee Hotel was a live with activity today – who’d have thought it could be so successful. I’m still working on my bee ID though. The larger bamboo canes seem to be filling up nicely with Red Mason Bees (Osmia bicornis), at least that’s what I thought they were, but I’m beginning to have...

Bee Hotel 1

Red Mason Bees

I’m pleased to announce that our bee hotel has some new residents. Since installing it earlier in the year a few spiders have taken up residence in and around it, it’s roof has been used for sunbathing by fledgling sparrows, and the magpies stole a load of the bamboo canes and smaller sticks to add...

Nesting Holes 3

Building a Bee Hotel

I’m not really sure what brought it on but late on Sunday afternoon I suddenly had the urge to build a bee hotel. We’d already inspected our honey bees during which Moirgan was stung by one, but I persuaded him to come out into the garden again to help. It had warmed up a little now,...

Boardwalk 0

Dyfi Osprey Project

After a lazy day on Monday our Easter Holiday continued with a lazy day on Tuesday as well. Swimming in the Sea I started off the day with some work on the computer and then headed over to the beach for a quick 2km swim in the sea. The sea temperature has just about reached...

Red-green Carpet 0

A New Garden Species

Morgan suggested we put the moth trap out last night as it was the first day for ages without any wind. There weren’t loads of moths in it this morning, which is actually nice as it means that going through them is a little more relaxed, but there were 25 moths from 7 different species,...