Huge Ship to Visit Borth

In order to cut down on hundreds of lorry loads of rock armour for the Borth Coastal Defence Scheme, a huge ship from Norway carrying 42,000 Tonnes of Rock Armour  will arrive by sea (weather permitting) on the 23rd March and again around the 29th March 2011.

I’ve heard that BAM Nuttal the main contractors of the scheme are building a viewing platform so that people can watch as the rock is unloaded. It may be worth heading into Borth today to take a look as a large ship was spotted off Aberystwyth last night at around 6.30, so it could be a day early.

I’ll pop down for a look myself later.

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  1. Alan says:

    ETA for Rock Armour is now Thursday 31st Mar and Friday 1st Apr 2011 for off loading the first shipment. This of course Depends on Sea and weather conditions.


  2. Alan says:

    Apparently there is a small (82m long, 20m wide) barge called “Charlie Rock” with a cargo capacity of 3,000 tonnes currently moored offshore at Aberystwyth. This is awaiting shipment of the Rock from a much larger vessel which it will then bring into Borth.

  3. Anna says:

    Looks like they are building a causeway out to the reef position during building which they will remove once everything is finished. Should look interesting while they are working

    See pictures right at the bottom of the page

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