A Busy Day Home Alone

Anna and Morgan are away for the weekend so things have been pretty quiet around the house for me. Things have also remained remarkably tidy which is nice though!

Annoyingly our phone line has gone down again. It did this over Christmas and we discovered that a cable had come loose on the telegraph pole outside. The phone does still just about work but the line is very crackly and worse still, we have a very shonky internet connection. At best it is very slow (around 10-20 kbps rather than the usual 1200kbps) at worst it just doesn’t connect at all. It was exactly the same at Christmas and both times there is a slightly odd phenomenon whereby if we have no internet connection at all, picking up the phone and getting a crackly dialling tone will at least allow us to make a connection. I have no idea what’s going on there.

The worst part though is the fact that our telephone provider, Primustel, seem to be completely incompetent,. Either that or they just enjoy wasting everyones’ time. I’ve been trying to get them to send out an engineer to fix the fault. We’re pretty sure the issue is the same as last time which took the engineer about 10 minutes to fix once he eventually got here. That time it took 2 weeks to get him out.

Every time I call them I’m on hold for ages and then eventually get to talk to a very quiet foreign person who speaks terrible English. I tell them what the problem is (again) and they say they’ll run a line test (again) and get back to me (again). I try to tell them there’s no point doing that as (a) the line test will say there isn’t a fault on the line just like it’s said every other time they’ve done it and (b) they won’t get back to me either because they never have done yet despite promising to do so. How am I supposed to get them to send out an engineer?

Enough of the rant, but I really wish they’d get it fixed so that I can do some work.

I have been busy without the internet though. I’ve re-felted the shed roof, fixed my bike with some fairly ‘bling’ gold-coloured 7075 Aluminium jockey wheels with ceramic bearings (nice!) and I’ve inspected the new soffits and fascia boards.

I’ve also had an email from the people I bought my new bike from saying: Your [shiny new] bike will be shipped from here by FedEx on Monday morning and you can expect it on Tuesday.

Cool, except for the fact that I’m going to be out all Tuesday afternoon.



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  1. Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

    Arrrrrghhh…. Primustel why are you so useless? Your so called ‘line test’ obviously doesn’t work if it shows that there isn’t a fault on the line – The wire is hanging off the telegraph pole. We need is an engineer to reattach it, why won’t you listen to me and just send one out!

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