Borth Sea Defences

Work has begun on the new Sea Defence Scheme in Borth so we took a walk there at the weekend to see what was happening.

The plans are to build several large rock groynes perpendicular to the water line in place of the existing wooden groynes, along with 6 large fish-tail shaped breakwaters further down the beach. In addition there should also be a reef that has been shaped to improve the surf.

So far, little has happened, parts of the existing wooden sea wall have been reinforced and huge amount of chippings have been deposited on top of the pebble ridge that is acting as a road for the construction vehicles. Otherwise, there is little to see except lots of big diggers and road signs everywhere.

We’ll check it out from time to time though to see how much progress they are making as things should start to happen fairly quickly now that they’ve made a start.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Rona says:

    Keep up the good work on your blog of the Borth sea defences – we own York House and Pebbles Guest Houses and every day things seem to
    be changing – and are interested to what the final finish will be.

    Do call in and say hello,

    Rona and Phil

  2. Avatar forComment Author Anna says:

    There’s lots more pictures on the Borth Community Website

    I hope we’ll try and get down to take pictures and things progress, it’ll be nice to look back on once everything is finished. Still a way to go yet though!

  3. Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

    Loading and Unloading of the first shipment of rock from the large Norwegian Ship could take place on Sat 2nd Apr but this dependant on Tides, Weather and Sea Conditions.

    The Barge carrying the Norwegian Rock is anchored, 5km out from shore, and can just be seen. Barge “Charlie Rock” is near the Rock Carrying Barge and will be ferrying the rock to shore, when its safe to do so. A tug is anchored further north

    The second shipment of Norwegian Rock is on it’s way. It is currently in the North Sea, being towed by Tug “Tryton”

  4. Avatar forComment Author Cav says:

    Good stuff lad.

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