Ynyslas Palm Trees

Coryline Australis

Coryline Australis

I’m on a mission to turn the main road through Ynyslas into an avenue of palm trees!

OK, it’ll probably never happen but I think it would look nice. One of the things I like about the Isle of Man is the number of palm trees there. More accurately they are actually Cordyline Australis which have a number of common names including Manx Palm or Cabbage Palm and they are everywhere on the Isle of Man, giving it a somewhat tropical look!

As you arrive on the island by plane, the area around the airport is full of pretty impressive specimens and if you arrive by boat it isn’t long before you see some.

They grow well here in West Wales too and withstand the sandy soil, winds and sea spray that all too commonly destroy most plants. There are already quite a few in Ynyslas but I think it would look nice if there were more. We have one that is growing well in our back garden but I’m now on a mission to get more of them growing, especially along the road. I’ve planted one in the front garden right by the fence and a couple more will join that soon. Lets just hope they stand up to the winds as gardening in a windy area is always difficult.

I’m even giving a few away as presents to people (usually to say thanks for feeding the cat whilst we’ve been away), hopefully they’ll plant them in their gardens too and before you know it, Ynyslas will take on a tropical look!

So, if you live in Ynyslas, plant one in your front garden, they aren’t expensive to buy, they grow well, are easy to look after and will brighten up your life!

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  1. Marian says:

    Excellent idea, it would look really nice and I like the guerilla tactics of palm trees as presents for your neighbours. Funny!

    We visit Ynyslas in the summer so we’ll expect to see loads of palm trees lining the road next year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That sounds like a good plan. Although I think you’re missing one vital ingredient for the ‘tropical’ look…. Sunshine!

    • Alan says:

      I guess you’re right, although on its day it can be pretty nice. In fact Ynyslas gets more sun than most places as there is often a band of sunshine along the coast whereas just a mile or so inland the clouds form over the hills and shroud the rest of Wales into greyness.

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