Mushroom Foraging – What are these?

Whilst out on our little geocaching walk on Sunday we kept out eyes peeled for edible fungi too.

I’d love to be able to collect some of the mushrooms and eat them but my identification skills just aren’t good enough and I don’t know enough about them yet. I’m learning though so I may ened up eating some of them soon.

However I have recently read a story in a ‘Fungi Forays’ newsletter about someone who accidently ate a ‘destroying angel’ mushroom thinking it was an edible ‘ink cap’. He ended up in a pretty bad way in intensive care expecting a liver transplant and with badly damaged kidneys. Apparently he was the 3rd person that year to have eaten a destroying angle mushroom by mistake, the other two hadn’t survived. He did survive and after a couple of weeks in hospital was discharged having learnt an importnat lesson.

This hasn’t put my off the idea of collecting and eating wild mushrooms, but it will certainly make me pretty cautious.

We spotted loads of mushrooms on our walk, most of which I think were Wood Blewits. I’m not sure though so here are some photos of them. Don’t worry, I didn’t collect them and certainly haven’t tried to eat them, I’m going to need to be more confident of my identification skills and know more about the dangerous ones before I do that.

Are these Wood Blewits? The underside seems pretty light in colour to what I was expecting but according to various descriptions they do lighten with age. I could of course be completely and utterly wrong, so please put me right if that is the case.

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  1. Alan says:

    Come on, is no one brave enough to tell me what they actually are and if I can eat them or not!


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