Things to do in the Great Outdoors

Have you run out of things to do with the children during the school holidays yet? The weather might not be great, but that shouldn’t stop you getting out into the great outdoors and doing things with them.

Blueberry Picking

How about heading to the hills for some blueberry picking – You can then spend some time in the kitchen cooking blueberry muffins with them. It’s getting a little late for blueberries now, but there were plenty there last weekend.

Blackberry Picking

Blackberry season is just about upon us as well. There are pockets of ripe blackberries all over the place and there should be more on their way over the next few weeks, so whatever the weather put on some suitable clothing (long sleeves and legs to protect you from the thorns and nettles and things you don’t mind getting stained), grab some pots and get foraging.

Wildlife Exploring

Fancy something a little more organised? RSPB Ynyshir have a ‘Wildlife Explorers Go Wild‘ day next Wednesday (Aug 25th) with activities for children of all ages – pond dipping and bug hunting with the wardens to see what you can find and learn about the smaller wildlife on the reserve. We’ve been to a few such events and they are always well organised and the kids love them.

You can of course do this one your own in the garden or a nearby park.

You can even do you own big garden birdwatch or butterfly count. Just because you can’t submit the results to the RSPB or Butterfly Conservation any more doesn’t stop you downloading an identification and recording sheet and doing your own version.

Den Building

The Forestry Commission at Nant yr Arian have a Den Building course for children 5 yrs+ on Wednesday 25th. Their woodland is the perfect place to try out your den building skills. Join one of the rangers who will show you how to make one.

Photo Walks

Kids love taking photos and with modern digital cameras it is cheap and easy. Give them your compact camera set it onto auto and head off on a photo assignment. You may be surprised at the results and more often than not their perspective on the world around them will give you some photo inspiration too.

There’s no need to spend loads of money on expensive attractions, kids love the great outdoors and with a bit of imagination and a reason for being out there you can too. There’s loads to do out there and not only is it fun but it’s healthy and educational too.

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  1. Anna says:

    Here’s some more thinsg to do:

    Nature Nutters: 2pm, every Wednesday in August (run by CCW)
    Get up close to nature with hands-on activities for children.

    Beautiful Butterflies Walk: 2pm, Sunday 22nd August (run by CCW)
    A chance to come and see some of the fluttering gems found at Ynyslas.

    Beach Art: 2pm, Sunday 29th August (run by CCW):
    Spend time on the beach and create your own Ynyslas masterpiece from natural beach materials. Bring a camera so you can take picture of your finished work!

    Some other ideas could be to have a scavenger hunt. Set simple tasks such as who can find the longest feather or the straighest stick, stones of different colors etc.

    Make a picture from things you find on the beach or from leaves and twigs collected on a walk.

    Only problem is what to do if it rains! I suppose the simplest thing is to put on coats and wellies and go anyway. Once you’re wet the kids have loads of fun jumping in puddles and seeing who can get the muddiest! Or, get in the kitchen and make blueberry muffins with the blueberries you’ve been out to pick. A really simple recipe for children to help with and they’re ready nice and quickly as well so you don’t have to put up with all the cries of “are they ready to eat yet”!

    Have fun!

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the info! Booked for me and Thomas to go on the bug hunting at Ynys-hir, should be fun 🙂

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