ABKA Honey Show 2015

We had another fun evening at the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association Honey Show earlier this week. The format for the event was pretty much the same as previous years with the following categories:

  1. Bottle of mead.
  2. Two one pound jars of light honey.
  3. Two one pound jars of medium honey.
  4. Two one pound jars of dark honey.
  5. Two one pound jars of granulated honey.
  6. Two one pound jars of heather honey.
  7. Cake of beeswax approx. 8oz in weight. 
  8. Four cakes of beeswax approx. one ounce each.
  9. A shallow comb of honey suitable for extraction.
  10. Ornamental display, incorporating wax.  Base of entry to be no more than 6inches in diameter.
  11. Cookery class – Greek Honey Cake

We entered the photo competition, although we didn’t put much effort into it this year and simply entered some photos that we had and printed them at the last minute. I did manage to win a prize in the ‘Swarm’ category though with my photo of a swarm I caught out at the Conrah earlier in the year.



We also entered the Medium Honey category and of course I baked a cake for the Cookery Class. We didn’t get any prizes for our honey this year, but I did get one for my cake. We also had fun with the blind honey tasting and of course ate plenty of food from the buffet. All in all a good evening with our beekeeping buddies!

5 Responses

  1. mum says:

    Which cake was yours x

  2. mum says:

    Can’t see them very well as only on my kindle but I like the one with a flower in the middle, but it’s the taste that matters or don’t they judge for that x

  3. mum says:

    I didn’t guess, I judged, so congrtulation! X

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