Moth Trapping Meeting

We had a Ceredigion Moth Group Meeting this weekend. In total we set up 7 traps in the hills above Talybont and then went through them on Saturday morning. Morgan and couldn’t stay long but we had time to go through the contents of our trap which contained about 23 different species, a few of which were new to us.

Not surprising that we’d get different moths inland surrounded by forestry which is quite a contrast to the open spaces and coastal dunes around us.

The moths in our trap were:

  • 1x Light Emerald
  • 1x Rustic
  • 1x Barred Red*
  • 2x Buff Tip
  • 13x Large Yellow Underwing
  • 2x Scarce Footman
  • 1x Clay
  • 3x Common Rustic agg.
  • 1x Peppered Moth*
  • 1x Brimstone Moth
  • 1x Buff Arches
  • 1x Antler Moth
  • 1x Ingrailed Clay*
  • 4x Dark Arches
  • 2x Straw Dot*
  • 1x Green Pug*
  • 1x Riband Wave
  • 2x Fan Foot*
  • 1x July Highflyer
  • 1x Mottled Rustic
  • 1x Poplar Hawkmoth

I’ve yet to hear what was in the other traps or whether there was anything rare or exciting, but it was good to meet up with everyone and most people seemed impressed with Morgan’s knowledge of moths!

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