Sounds of the Night

I’ve been doing quite a bit of moth-trapping lately. Usually it just involves placing a moth trap in the garden overnight and then investigating the contents in the morning. The identification, counting and photographing of the moths can take a while sometimes, but generally its a fairly laid back affair.

Last night was a lovely night. Not too cold, fairly clear and barely a puff of wind so rather than just leave the moth-trap on its own, I sat out there next to it for a while and relaxed.

It was actually really nice. As dusk settled I listened to the fading bird song and saw that a blue-tit was using the nest box in the tree. Once darkness descended the sounds changed. There was still some sounds of wading birds and geese coming from the salt marshes around the estuary, the garden birds went quiet and the sounds of the waves on the beach became more prominent. All of this was puntuated by the occasional light thud of a moth hitting the trap.

I felt a bit silly sitting in the garden after dark but it was very peaceful, relaxing and highly recommended.

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Alan Cole

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