I’m a Windsurfer

Phew, at last I feel like a windsurfer again.

So far this year has been pretty pathetic wind-wise. its been good for the garden and for cycling but I’ve barely been out windsurfing – Just 21 sessions so far according to my diary entries. Yesterday was good though with a 25-30 knots wind all day. I went out at around 9am just in case the wind eased off and spent 3 hours on the water, covering a distance of over 40 miles.

The weather wasn’t great whilst I was out with cloudy skies to start with and then rain, but the wind was perfect, I was perfectly powered up with a nicely rigged 5m sail and my little JP wave board and the waves were nice too. Nothing too big as far as the waves were concerned but some nice waist to shoulder high, steep faces to act as ramps on the inside and then some bigger rolling swell out the back. As well as loads of big jumps I made one fairly convincing back-loop attempt and had a few nice wave rides on the way in. A perfect 5 star session.

Of course, once I got off the water the sun came out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for much of the afternoon, and the wind kept blowing too. I was half-tempted to go back out for a second session!

This is what it looks like from a satellite above the earth – I nearly coloured a whole section of sea in red!

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