Building Raised Beds for Vegetables

The glorious spring weather enticed me to do yet more work in the garden at the weekend.

The main part of the garden is looking fine, all weeded and ready to go with many of the plants springing into life so the beds and borders will be full to bursting before long. The climbing plants over the pergola are doing well too. The hedges and shrubs have all been tidied up and seeds planted where I want them planted. I’ve even edged some of the borders with little Lobelia plugs.

Even the ‘lawn’ looks OK. It does still have a few bare patches and plenty of weeds, but it is at least mainly green and sitting out there on our new garden furniture is now quite nice.

The hidden, narrow little bit of land behind the house was a bit of a waste of space though, so armed with a bag of nails, a hammer and a saw I set to transforming some left over timber into raised beds for us to grow some vegetables in.

Raised Bed

The bed itself is 3.6m long, 1m wide and about 40cm deep. It didn’t take long to build (and probably won’t last that long either), but it cleared up the timber and also tidied up the area behind the house a little. We still need to fill it with soil / compost, plant it out and tidy the rest of the area up, but hopefully we’ll have some vegetables from it before too long.

Elsewhere in the garden the potatoes are doing well in their special potato planters, the fruit – whitecurrants, raspberries and strawberries look healthy and the Goji Berry bushes are growing. We’re not sure if the latter will fruit this year though. We also have various peppers growing on the window sills inside the house.

I’ve got plans for other parts of the garden as well. These include a slightly raise, gravelled seating area, a large bed with various architectural plants, a bamboo stand and even a willow ‘igloo’. I’m not sure how many of these things I’ll get around to this year, but it’s nice to have some plans.

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