Training Tuesday

Tuesdays seem to be my day of training at the moment, although I’m not sure that 3 session in a day is necessarily¬† good thing.

I’ve just done a Turbo Trainer session that felt OK. Either I’m getting better or the calibration is a little out as I keep increasing the wattage for each session but still manage to complete them. I did my 1:1 minute intervals today which I haven’t done for about a month. Last time I did them I did the hard efforts at 360 Watts which had me working at 89% of my maximum (162bpm)¬† and said I’d have to try them at 370 Watts next time.

So, this time I started at 370 Watts but that felt too easy so I increased the wattage with each rep until I was at 400 Watts which felt sufficiently difficult. So after a 15 minute warm up I did

  • 1 minute @ 370 Watts, 1 minute @ 120 Watts
  • 1 minute @ 380 Watts, 1 minute @ 120 Watts
  • 1 minute @ 390 Watts, 1 minute @ 120 Watts
  • 1 minute @ 400 Watts, 1 minute @ 120 Watts
  • 1 minute @ 400 Watts, 1 minute @ 120 Watts
  • 1 minute @ 400 Watts, 1 minute @ 120 Watts
  • 1 minute @ 400 Watts, 1 minute @ 120 Watts

Followed by a warm down.

The 400 Watt intervals were pretty hard, getting my heart rate up to a maximum of 166bpm on the last one (92%), but I can’t believe I’ve really improved that much in one month. I’m not complaining if I have, and I guess I’ll have to try all 7 reps at 400 Watts next time.

I’m not sure how my legs will feel at circuit training followed by swimfit tonight though.

Heart Rate from todays Turbo Trainer Interval Session

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  1. Alan says:

    Phew, I survived yesterday turbo trainer session, circuit training session and swimfit session, and even managed 25 minutes on the spin bikes in between circuits and swimming.

    I may be a little slow on tonights MTB ride though.


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