4:1 minute Interval Workout on Turbo Trainer – Good, but Evil!

I’ve just finished a 4:1 minute interval workout on my Turbo Trainer. I have promised to people that I’d post some of my workouts here, but this is one I’ve mentioned before in a previous post.

As you would expect, the 4:1 ratio is 4 minutes ‘easy’ at 100 Watts and then 1 minute of hard effort. Which such a long rest, the hard efforts are pretty hard at 400 Watts for me. The first time I tried it I couldn’t manage all 7 repetitions, but I did manage them the next time with my heart rate peaking at 169 (93% of my maximum) on the last two reps.

Today it was pretty hard again, but my heart rate was only 165 (91% of my maximum)  on the last couple of reps. Maybe there’s some improvement afterall. Trouble is that means I should probably try it at 410 Watts next time which will be difficult.

They may be pretty evil at the time but these interval sessions are pretty good and hopefully have some effect on my overall fitness and strength. Time for a nice cup of tea and a rest now though.

Heart Rate Graph from todays Turbo Trainer Workout

Heart Rate Graph from todays Turbo Trainer Workout

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