An active day

I don’t seem to have stopped for the past few days, so its now time to start catching up with the blog posts containing details of what we’ve been up to.

It all started on Wednesday for me. Up nice and early and did the usual housework, washing up, laundry, cleaning and vacuuming whilst Anna and Morgan got ready to go to work / school. The some website design work put out the bins. As I was doing the latter the surf sounded quite good so I wandered over to have a look and before I know it I was back home, in my wetsuit and running back across for a quick surf session. One of the many benefits of being a freelancer mean I can (sometimes) just drop everything and go for surf.

After the surf I went back home and did some more on the website I’m working on, before a training session on the turbo trainer for an hour. The it was back to work on the computer before heading into Aberystwyth for an hour swimming in the pool. It was about now that I realised I hadn’t had anything to eat yet. At this rate not only will I get fit, but I’ll loose some weight too!

It was then out of the pool and off to watch Morgan in his nativity play before heading home, with a stop at the fish and chip shop on the way – So much for loosing weight!

A busy day, but despite all of the activities I did actually get quite a bit of work done and felt so much better because I’d done quite a bit of ‘active stuff’ too.

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Alan Cole

Alan is a Freelance Website Designer, Sports & Exercise Science Lab Technician and full time Dad & husband with far too many hobbies: Triathlete, Swimming, Cycling, Running, MTBing, Surfing, Windsurfing, SUPing, Gardening, Photography.... The list goes on.

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