You know you’ve spent too much money when…

You know you’ve spent too much money for one day when your credit card company phone you up to check that the purchases made with your card were actually made by you and that your card hasn’t been stolen.

Its good that they do it and that they are on the ball. We’ve had it happen a few times now when ‘strange’ looking transactions have taken place. Once after buying a few things from Russia, once whilst on holiday in the Outer Hebrides and today after first buying a new laptop for Anna’s Mum and then a new iMac for me.

Yep, a nice shiny new iMac to replace my aging Mac Pro! Its nice to get new ‘tech, but I’m not looking forward to transferring everything across to it and getting all my apps installed and settings correct. It’s he price we have to pay for progress I suppose.

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  1. Alan says:

    Also forgot to mention that in true ‘Simple Life of Luxury’ style we got a double discount on the iMac too and got just over 20% off from the Apple Store.


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