ClimachX MTB Night Ride

I haven’t posted a ride report for a while or any route guides. Mainly because I had a few months off the bike after being in hospital and the rides I’ve done over the past few weeks whilst trying to get back into it have been pretty hard work and not that enjoyable.

Last nights ride felt much better though. I’d done some sessions on the turbo trainer this week – 50 minutes fairly hard on Monday, 35 minutes on Tuesday and then an easy 30 minutes earlier in the day yesterday – and I think it must be paying dividends. Right from the start I felt much better on the bike.

It was a fairly chilly, windy night, so not that inviting out there but Dave, John and I met at the ClimachX trailhead at 6.30pm. After the initial pfaff as we got ready we set off up the long climb along the fire-road. I didn’t feel that fast but made it to the top within 12 minutes which isn’t too bad for me. We then did the first couple of sections of singletrack before heading off the marked trail and down the Builth Descent. This descent was a little washed out after all the rain we’ve had lately and there was a large Hazel tree down across the trail at the top so it was a little slower than usual.

Then it was up the long climb back to the top. We were treated to a bit of a lightning show on the way up and we hoped it would remain off in the distance. I’m not sure if Dave and John were taking it easy, but I was keeping up OK and felt quite good on the climb. Certainly a lot better than I had on previous weeks night rides. We then rejoined the ClimachX Trail and followed it around. The little climb after the section known as ‘Va Va Voom’ feels pretty different after the forestry work that has been going on there, but at least some of the deeper puddle have disappeared.

As we came out of ‘Better Late Than Never’ we were hit by a huge hailstorm, that hurt to ride through. We stopped for shelter under a tree just as the storm abated. Dave did think about doing the ‘Elephant’ descent and then climbing back up, but I was feeling a little cold by then and John wasn’t too keen to doing anything extra either so we missed out the section across the top (Where’s my Ball) and continued along the fire-road to the final descent. Despite all of the rain this was in pretty good condition.

Overall it was a good night ride. I felt much better than I had done the last few weeks and the 11 miles passed by pretty quickly.

Here’s a plot of the topography (blue shaded area) and my heart rate (red line). – Click for larger image

Climachx & Builth Topography and Heart Rate Plot

Climachx & Builth Topography and Heart Rate Plot

You can download a Google Earth file of the route here: ClimachX & Builth

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