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Carbonite Problems and Backup Woes 2

Carbonite Problems and Backup Woes

Well, I have my new iMac all set up and running. Data Migration The migration procedure was fairly straight forward thanks to the fact that I have plenty of cloned backups courtesy of SuperDuper!. I simply started up the new iMac and used Apple’s built in set-up assistant to transfer my data from a cloned...

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The new iMac 2

Time for a new iMac

If you can’t decide which new iMac to get, then the decision process I went through whilst deciding which iMac to buy may just hep you. That’s why I’m sharing it here. Mac vs PC Before you Windows guys tell me to ‘get a PC’, it won’t work. I’ve used Apple Macintosh computers ever since my...

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AppleCare Woes 3

AppleCare Woes

I’ve been having some bad luck with Apple lately. First the hard drive in my iMac died. I did of course have a back-up so was able to boot from an external drive and continue working and I also had AppleCare cover on it so thought that getting it repaired would be easy. I gave...

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You know you’ve spent too much money when… 1

You know you’ve spent too much money when…

You know you’ve spent too much money for one day when your credit card company phone you up to check that the purchases made with your card were actually made by you and that your card hasn’t been stolen. Its good that they do it and that they are on the ball. We’ve had it...

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Which Mac shall I get!!! 3

Which Mac shall I get!!!

Amazon.co.uk Widgets I know, I know, now isn’t the time to buy and don’t worry I shall wait until WWDC in June just in case anything new is announced, but my Dual processor G5 Powermac is feeling a little long in the tooth now so I shall be upgrading soon. The G5 actually does everything...

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