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Aberystwyth Arts Centre Bell Tower

Aberystwyth Arts Centre Bell Tower

I’m not entirely sure what they’re doing to the Bell Tower at Aberystwyth Arts Centre but it is currently clad in an impressive looking column of scaffolding. Do you know what they’re doing?

I’d love to get up there to see the views and get some ‘almost aerial’ shots of Aberystwyth, the University Campus and the Arts Centre. Somehow I doubt that Health & Safety will allow it and I don’t quite have the nerve to ask, but as well as providing an excellent photo opportunity it would be quite an adrenalin rush too as it’s pretty high!

Should I ask and see if I can get permission to do it?

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  1. baxterglen says:

    Well you don’t know unless you ask really. What’s the worst that can happen? All they can do is say no.


  2. Rhys Fowler says:

    Hi there,

    It would certainly look brilliant, but the decision would be out of our hands I’m afraid.

    If you were to contact the University Estates Office they may be able to give you some guidance – [email protected].

    Hope that helps!

    Rhys Fowler
    Marketing Team
    Aberystwyth Arts Centre

  3. Alan says:

    Hi Rhys,
    I realise that… I work at the university and have worked for Estates before now so know a few people there… You never know, a polite request to the right person might just get me up there!


  4. Alan says:

    My contacts have been contacted and a plan is afoot.

    Well, it’s not, it’s a plan, but you know what I mean!


  5. Andrew says:

    Oooh, I’ll be deeply jealous if you do get up there 😉

  6. Ricky Parkes says:

    The scaffold was erected for our companies use, we inspected the chimney with some CCTV equipment as they are updating the plantroom below what the chimneys serve. Myself and another worker had to access the top to drop the camera down.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Ricky,
      I was thinking about this just this morning. My ‘contact’ at Estates said it would be OK for me to go up there and then forwarded me to someone else to actually arrange a time and day. Despite sending him a couple of e-mails he has never responded so I haven’t had chance to get up there.

      There’s only a certain number of e-mails you can send without response. Maybe he’ll reply one day!

      There must be wuite a view from the top?


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