More Lizards for Ynyslas

Cool, I’ve just seen an article on TimesOnline saying that hundreds of sand lizards (Lacerta agilis) are to be released at various sites around the UK to boost the population. One of those sites is to be the dunes here at Ynyslas.

“In an attempt to restore Britain’s rarest lizard, the species is to be reintroduced at five sites in Surrey, Dorset and mid Wales. The first release of 80 baby lizards, which have been reared in hatcheries, is to take place today at a National Trust nature reserve in Witley, Surrey. During the next two weeks 320 more lizards are also to be introduced on Trust land in Surrey, at Puddletown and Coombe Heath reserve, near Wool, both in Dorset, and at Ynyslas Nature reserve, part of the Dyfi National Nature Reserve, north of Aberystwyth.”

Sand Lizard (Lacerta agilis)

Sand Lizard

We do have some reptiles in the dunes already. I have seen sand lizards there a few times but haven’t seen many lately, we get the odd adder and I saw a grass snake today (although unfortunately it was squashed on the road outside the house). It’ll be good to have some more around and I’ll have to go lizard hunting with the camera soon.

Lets hope they do well and the population increases.

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