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Bee Orchid 1

Orchid Assortment

Well, Sunday was a fairly dark, dreary and very wet day. Not much of a day really, but it was brightened by an orchid walk in the dunes. Led by Juliet Regan who we already knew from Beekeeping it was an interesting introduction to the world of orchids. There was quite a good turn out considering...

Back to Grey Skies 0

SUP Surfing, a Break in the Weather & Orchids

The amazing weather we’ve been having has finally changed and blue skies have been replaced by grey this morning on the beach. It’s still warm at 15ºC throughout the night, and yesterday we reached a maximum of 26.3ºC, the hottest temperature of the year so far. There was a little bit of swell too yesterday...

Rubbish 2

What is wrong with people?

This part of Wales can be the perfect place to live at all times of the year and whatever the weather, but when the sun has been shining for a week or so, the temperatures are in the 20’s and there hasn’t been any rain it’s a paradise. Clear blue skies, gentle breezes and clear...

Adder ready to Strike 1

Snakes at Ynyslas

There’s almost always something interesting on my morning walk around the dunes. This morning it was the remnants of sand castles on the beach, the super-flat calm waters of the sea and an Adder. There are plenty of snakes in the dunes at Ynyslas, this one was out basking in the early morning sunshine.

Careful what you stand on in the Dunes 1

Careful what you stand on in the Dunes

As I’m sure you know by now we are at last having a proper summer. It’s been a while coming -10 years since the last one as far as we can remember – but  it’s here and looks set to stay for a while too. Weather conditions have been perfect here in West Wales. Whilst...

Sand Castles 2

The Foolish Man Built His House Upon The Sand

I  remember a song from my days at Sunday School about the ‘Foolish Man’ who built his house upon the sand. It went on to say that ‘when the rains came down’ his house didn’t stand firm. I did wonder about this in 2003 when we started building our house here, on the sand at...

Wild flowers in the dunes 0

Forage in the Dunes

Morgan and I had a nice little walk through the dunes earlier. We were actually wandering across to the beach to check out what was happening with the RSPB Shear Madness. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone there so we couldn’t find out more about the Manx Shearwaters or let them know that I often see them when...

In the Dunes 0

Last day of the Holidays

It’s the last day of the school holiday today and the weather is gorgeous. Ynyslas doesn’t get much nicer than this. Anna has started her new job today so I’m at home with Morgan and we’ve just got back from a wander across to the beach for some Dune Jumping.

Morgan 0

A walk around the dunes

After the excitement of yesterday morning with the windsurf session and a trip to casualty, we decided to have a more leisurely afternoon with a family walk around the dunes. We headed off across the fields, past the boat yard and along the estuary. Had a browse in the visitor centre then went for ice-creams...