Sleepless in the Saddle – Here we come

Well, after a week on the Isle of Man and ne real training I can’t really say that I’m ready for this weekend. I think I have most of the things that I need for Sleepless in the Saddle, and most of my team seem ready so I just hope my fitness doesn’t let me (or them) down.

Ystwyth MTB Club are fielding two teams:

The Ystwyth inbreds: Jon Baker, Dave Reed, Bernd Van Houten & Rhodri Morris

and the Ystwyth Hillbillies: Ian Cowe, Martyn Teece-Round, Me & Dan Field

Unfortunately the In-bred team has two casualties Jon and Rhodri (both knee injuries), which leaves Bernd and Dave and potentially a guy from Scotland who Ian Cowe knows.  Hopefully we’ll find someone else too. If not we may end up in two teams of 3.

The race is 24 hours around a circuit in Catton Park, Derbyshire, but other than that I know very little about it. As part of a team we’ll do a lap each and then hand over relay style to the next team member and keep going like that for 24 hours. Last years race was awful with horrible muddy conditions so I’m hoping for something a little drier this weekend. Although whatever the weather I don’t really feel that well prepared.

Should be a good weekend camping with lots of like minded people though so I am looking forward to it.

If you’re going and participating then good luck, enjoy, and I may see you there.

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