A summer’s evening ride

We had a lovely Mountain Bike ride last night and it was nice to see a number of new faces on the ride as well. We met at our usual spot near to Angler’s Retreat. As well as myself, there was Pete, who is now a regular rider having started riding with us last year, Amanada who was on her second outing with us, Matt who has made a few attempts to meet us and succeeded last night and two new members from the Tri club that I’ve encouraged to come along, Gareth and Graham.

The sun was shining, there wasn’t a puff of wind and everyone was keen so we set off into Artists Valley via Al’s descent. As per usual when riding with new people you never quite know what they’ll be capable of so with Pete leading the way I decided to bring up the rear just in case. It wasn’t needed though as everyone was fine and we soon negotiated the ruts and made it to the bottom.

Once at the bottom it was the usual long climb back to the top with gorgeous views down the valley to the Dyfi Estuary. We then headed off down the MX Trails where I did at least remember to take some video footage. I did film some other bits, but the recent wet weather meant that the trails were pretty damp and muddy so most of the time the camera was covered in crud!

Here’s the video footage from this section – I was leading it so there’s no sign of anyone else.

We then headed off towards Nant y Moch forded the river and decided to take the longer route, heading out through the Conti ponds on the Syfyddrin Trail (which were lovely and warm), down part of the Bont Goch Descent and then down to the mines ready for the long climb back to the top. I rode the little bits of singletrack along the side of the road and even cleared the steep loose rocky climb on the entrance to the second section – first time I’ve ever made that.

Gareth Snapped his chain over the top in one of the ponds and then Pete punctured on the Bont Goch descent but we managed repairs before the midges really took hold and were soon climbing again towards the road. A final little flourish up the rocky climb to the cars and we were done. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and everyone says they’ll be back for more next week. Lets hope they are as it’s good to see the number of riders swelling for these rides as things had been getting a little quiet lately.

Here’s the route we took.

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