Dyfi Enduro Checklist

Dyfi Enduro Descent

Dyfi Enduro Descent

Only two days to go.

Bike: Commencal Meta 5.5.1. Cleaned lubed and ready to go. I put new rear brake pads in yesterday which could probably do with bedding in a little before Sunday and the rear tyre is looking a little worse for wear. It looks as though the slatey descents on last weeks test ride around the Dyfi Enduro course have taken their toll as it has lost of slashes and cuts in it and a couple of knobbles missing. It’s too late to get a new one and change it now though so it will have to do.

Camelbak: Complete with 1.5 litres of squash.

Spare tubes: x2

Toolkit: Tyre levers, Multitool, Chain tool, puncture repair kit, pump, shock pump.

Clothes: Should be warmish and dry. Padded shorts, overshorts, Endura Baa Baa long sleeved base layer, Sealskinz Socks, and a waterproof jacket in my bag.




Heart Rate Monitor and GPS.

E-mail with my race number (324).

Legs, heart and lungs… All present and accounted for, but are they up to it?

Anything I’ve forgotten?

5 Responses

  1. akrasia says:

    Do you not bother with a spare gear cable?

  2. Alan says:

    @akrasia Probably a good idea and now I’m going to be paranoid that I haven’t got one!… Might pop into the shop tomorrow morning and get one just in case.


  3. Andy_b says:

    I’d recommend a power link as well

  4. Alan says:

    Thanks Andy.. Added to the shopping list when I go to the bike shop tomorrow.

  5. Alan says:

    Today’s the day!

    Legs ache from gardening all day yesterday, back is a little sore too. Well, I was going to end up like that by the end of the day so why not start off that way too.

    Packed a spare cable and a powerlink, also need something to patch slashes to sidewalls just in case, then its off to Machynlleth to register.

    Hope everyone has a good day out there, take it easy and say hello as you overtake me!


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