Summertime Shreddin’

It’s not often in Wales that it’s too warm in the sea with a thin 3/2mm wetsuit on, but it was today. What’s more, there was a perfect 25 knots of wind, the sun was shining and the tides were just right. There was no option but to spend the day windsurfing!

I was perfectly powered up with a 5.0m sail. It was never too much, never too little, just perfect. The waves started off fairly benign at about 2ft and with a nice SW to WSW wind it was easy to blast out through them to the larger, clean green waves out the back. The swell and wind-blown waves gradually picked up throughout the day but with the sun shining it didn’t feel too intimidating out there, even right out the back in amongst the bigger stuff.

Lots of jumps, lots of gybes, lots of wave rides and lots of fun. I wouldn’t want our blog-readers to miss out, so here’s a few video clips for you to enjoy. Filmed on my 360 Camera mounted on the boom.

Time now to chill, have a Chinese takeaway and get some rest so that I can hopefully do it all over again tomorrow!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Glad you’ve had a fun day..again lol x

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