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Your Life Online – Withings Scales

Within the pages of this weblog I often mention gadgets that bring together fitness and geekery. Heart rate monitors and GPS devices, fitness training software, Virtual Reality Turbo Trainers and such like. I like them. I like having such gadgets and I also extol the value of such devices. Not only do they allow me...


Tweetdeck now with Support for Multiple Accounts

I’ve been Twittering using Tweetdeck for a while, but now that I administer several Twitter accounts (a personal account, accounts for websites I maintain and company accounts, as well as one for ‘Designing Libraries’ where I work on Monday’s and Wednesdays), it was getting used less and less and I tended to rely on Twitterfox...


Do you Twitter?

Just in case you don’t know what Twitter is, it’s yet another Social Networking tool that allows you to post short (140 characters) Tweets that other people can read. The character limit is there so that you can post Tweets via text messages from your phone. Twitter is easy to use and you can post...