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65th Birthday Party and a sunny day in Yate

Another Bank Holiday weekend over and done with, and another busy weekend for us. Immediately after Morgan had finished his race in the Aberystwyth Cycle Fest, we jumped in the car, dropped Morgans bike off at the University and then headed towards my parents house in Gloucestershire. We arrived in time for dinner and then had...

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Children’s Games for Car Journeys – Ratalingdong

That familiar cry of ‘Are we nearly there yet? Here’s a great game for children to help alleviate the boredom of long car journeys. We are fairly sure that my Grandad on my Mum’s side invented this game and we’ve yet to find anyone else who plays it so that could well be true. It’s...

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A Day out in St Neots

Racing in Triathlons tends to take us to places we haven’t been before, and St. Neots in Cambridgeshire was one of these places. We drove down after school and work on Friday evening and arrived at a nearby Premier Inn which was to be our bed for a couple of nights. It was quite late...

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Alanya Aftermath

It’s been a week since I got back from the European Age-Group Champs in Alanya, Turkey. I’m now back in the UK after an amazing trip. I booked my travel independently through Thomas Cook and boy am I glad that I did. Those that booked through the BTF’s preferred travel partner Nirvana had loads of...

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Alanya Panorama

With the Turkey Travelogue Posts finished, here’s a final post with a panoramic photo of Alanya that I took from atop the castle.


Turkey Day 8 – Sights, Sweats and Smells

The final day was upon me and I think I was the only Brit left in town. Everyone else seemed to be Turkish or German and there were very few triathletes left as Alanya recovered from hosting the 2013 European Triathlon Championships. I had to check-out of the hotel by midday so after the biggest...


Turkey Day 7 – Bartering and Bumbling

This was the last day for most of the INTRtri team as they were all heading home today but last nit at the closing ceremony Andrea had agreed that she and Frank would come for a pre-breakfast swim with me. Now, you know me, I’m Mr. Reliable when it comes to these things, the early...


Turkey Day 3 – Run, Registration and Swim Recce

Day three started OK. When I first woke up I looked at the time on my iPod Nano and it said 2am so I forced myself back to sleep. Next time I checked it said 4:15am so I got up, and then realised that I hadn’t yet changed the time on my iPod Nano to...


Turkey day 2 – Bike recce, sea swim and finding my way around

The start of day 2 merged with day 1 really as I was still travelling, but after trying to sleep it was time for breakfast in the hotel. Breakfast was like the rest of the hotel, basic but fine. I then met up with a rep which brought up the whole bike transfer fiasco again...


Turkey Day 1- Coolest Good Luck Card for Triathlon

I finally made it to Turkey! There was a bit of a delay in Birmingham thanks to a strike by the French air traffic controllers and I was there early anyway so ended up having to wait around for about 7 hours. The flight was a little cramped but OK and then I had issues...