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Hillside 2

Fusion Aquascape Planting

On our way home at the weekend, we popped into Aquajardin near Gloucester to get some plants for my new tank. they didn’t quite have what we wanted so we came away with less than expected. Just one little pot of 1-2- Grow Eleocharis sp. mini and 1 pot of 1-2-Grow Staurogyne repens, along with...

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Cyclamen 0

Garden Updates – Ready for Spring

Following my swim in Lake Bala at the weekend we took a drive through mid Wales to our favourite garden centre, Derwen Garden Centre just outside Welshpool. We had lunch there and then wandered around and as usual spent a little more money than expected! The Maze had disappeared though which is a bit of...

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Gardening Blues

I haven’t mentioned the garden for a while. It was looking lovely last year, but for various reasons that I won’t go into here (not yet anyway) it was destroyed over the winter. The Pergola was ripped down, most of the grass has gone and many plants were uprooted, squashed or otherwise met an untimely...

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Coastal Gardening – Wind

When you think of the problems affecting coastal gardens the first issue that springs to mind is the wind. Living on the coast means that there is an uninterrupted flow of wind from the sea straight into your garden and the affects can be dramatic. Very few people live right on the coast and it...

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