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Cosmo & Luna 1

Crazy Cats

It doesn’t seem that long since we had to say goodbye to Robbie – a long standing and much loved member of the family. We really miss her so it didn’t take long to start putting a plan in place for a replacement. Now Robbie was always a bit of a weird cat, with a...

Robbie 3

Robbie Cat – A Feline Obituary

Sadly we had to say a final farewell to Robbie on Friday. Robbie was our crazy cat that we have shared a life with for the best part of 17 years. She (yes, despite the name she was a girl) came into our lives almost 17 years ago when Anna received a phone-call to say...

Snake 1

New Pet?

I think Morgan wants a new pet.

Bo, Flash and Morgan 1

New Addition to the Household

You may remember that Morgan’s pet guinea pig Squeak died a few months ago. Morgan was heart broken at the time and it also left us with a dilemma. Morgan had another guinea pig called Bo. I was concerned that Bo would get lonely on her own. She is only about 3 years old and...


The things we do for our pets!

Sometimes I wonder if humans go a bit over the top with spoiling their pets and I have to ask myself if our efforts are appreciated. For those that don’t know, we have a very neurotic cat. We didn’t plan to get a cat and rescued her when she was a young kitten. That is...