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UK Snow Map 3

Winter Firsts

Well, we had our first sprinkling of snow for the winter last night. Only a tiny bit here and temperatures were down to -1.2ÂșC on the weather station. Morgan was unimpressed, but Anna and I are always excited by a bit of snow. There could be a bit more on the way as well. If...


The Long Road to Recovery?

I can take it no more! It’s been 2 months since my 2nd ‘cardiac incident’ of the year and I’ve been doing well with ‘taking it easy’. I still have some discomfort in my chest and back and I’m hoping to see the doctor on Tuesday. However, it’s blowing a hoolie outside and a nice...

How easy is easy? 1

How easy is easy?

So, how easy is easy? When a cardiologist says take it easy what do they mean? For me, taking it easy would be a nice easy 10 mile mountain mike ride at a steady pace. Somehow I don’t think they mean that. They’re probably used to talking with the majority of the population and take...