The Long Road to Recovery?

The Long Road

The Long Road

I can take it no more! It’s been 2 months since my 2nd ‘cardiac incident’ of the year and I’ve been doing well with ‘taking it easy’. I still have some discomfort in my chest and back and I’m hoping to see the doctor on Tuesday. However, it’s blowing a hoolie outside and a nice day is forecast for tomorrow so I just can’t resist a windsurf session today and a mountain bike ride tomorrow.

Lets hope its the start of a long road to recovery (or preferably a short road).

The photo by the way is one I took whilst on a windsurf trip to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt a few years ago.

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  1. Graham says:

    Good luck Al. I hope you’re back and fighting fit in no time.

    Nice photo as well!

  2. andrew says:

    We all feeling for you Al, we all wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Hope to see you up to all your malarky, in and out of the water, soon.

  3. Alan says:

    Cheers guys…. I survived the windsurf session today which is a start. MTB ride at Coed y Brenin tonmorrow! Al.

  4. Weon says:

    Glad to hear you are making it back onto the board and the bike!

  5. Alan says:

    Saw the doc yesterday and apparently all is OK with my heart, so that’s promising. They still don’t know what is causing the pain in my chest / back so are doing some more blood tests (tomorrow). However, I’ve been given the all clear to get back into action.

    Time to start re-gaining some fitness and getting out on the bike. I did (most of) the Dragonsback trail at Coed y Brenin on Sunday, but after 2 months off it felt like pretty hard work by the end!


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